Quickly Open a File in the Browser from WSL

Posted by Thomas Wright on October 17, 2020

Mac users have this magic convenience of typing open index.html into their terminal to open a file from their current directory in the browser. Those of us on WSL aren’t so lucky. If you’re lucky, then open command will open a windows directory. Cool, I guess? But not exactly super helpful. The internet abounds with recommendations — from trying xdg-open to browse to even more convoluted methods. But the question remains: what’s the easiest way to open an HTML file in the browser from WSL?

The closest thing I’ve found is to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux’s explorer.exe command. So, for example, typing explorer.exe index.html will open the file index.html in your default browser. That’s the simplest version of Mac’s open command. Sort of.

Typing explorer.exe is still a little bit of a handful, and I’m lazy. I mean open is four characters, and explorer.exe is twelve. That’s three times as many characters. No thanks!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something simpler? How about see index.html? Fortunately, we can leverage the ability to create aliases in bash to make this dream a reality. Just drop the following into your terminal:

echo "alias see='explorer.exe'" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bash_profile

Now… wait, no, that’s it. You’re done. Now you can just type see index.html to open your index.html file in your browser. And you can use one fewer character than those Mac folks. Just imagine what you could do with the time savings…

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