Module 1: Ruby CLI Project

Foodexplorer is a playful command-line tool to find out about random foods, collected in your very own forgotten cabinets. It uses a call to the Foodacular API for generating information on the fly. It is written in pure Ruby using SOLID object-oriented design principles.


Module 2: Sinatra web app

NoteNice is a collaborative note-taking app for sharing and editing notes with your friends that uses redcarpet markdown formatting. NoteNice supports copying notes as well as making public or private notes. It is written in Ruby using Sinatra and ActiveRecord with ERB templating. It uses the bcrypt gem for authenatication and security. It uses SQLite3 for the development environment. It is deployed on Heroku using PostgresQL.


Module 3: Rails web app

Workle is an web app designed for managing projects. It was created through a TDD-driven process using RSpec/Capybara in Rails. It uses the devise gem for authentication and security. It is written primarily in Ruby with ERB templating, but uses Bootstrap and limited JS on the front-end.