Thomas Wright is a currently a software engineering student in full-stack web development at the Flatiron School.

Professional Experience

Thomas currently works full-time as a senior graphic designer at an apparel and branding company in Dallas, TX.

He previously taught math at a Title IX school, where he led curriculum design for sixth grade math, taught professional development on tech integration in the classroom, and served as a content editor editor for a Kaplan-owned company on their math curriculum team.


Thomas attended graduate school for philosophy, specializing in object-oriented ontology, conceptual engineering, and formal logic. He worked on issues in metaphysics and logic related to existential quantification in non-fictional contexts. He received a B.A. in philosophy and linguistics from Hofsta University, where attended the Honors College, received multiple academic awards, and led student organizations.


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, TDD, PostgresQL, REST, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, SQLite, RSpec/Capybara, API, Git, HTML/CSS

Areas of Interest

Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Design Practices, Technical and Developer Support Engineering

Hiring? Get in touch: twright@hey.com